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Grave ordeals in life can knock your door any moment with cases like theft, kidnapping, murder, individual missing, threat calls, and many more and without your knowing they will swift in to turn everything upside down so promptly that you shall be too taken aback to take a matured step. On such occasions, no matter how well equipped you seem to be with resources and power, nothing seems to work in your favor. And yes of course you are most likely to be misled with fake promises and assurance from cops, higher authorities, media spokesperson etc.

Now; Aark Detectives is one such promising detective agency which can assure you of guaranteed results unlike the fake supports mentioned before. No matter what kind of predicament you are facing right now, your one call for case submission will trigger our agents instantly to come to your aid. It is a very popular and mighty investigation organization with team of well trained and expert detectives.

We categorize all kinds of cases into four major sectors of services- Personal Services, Corporate Services, IPR Investigation, and Forensic Investigation. Whether it is a case of murder; surveillance; person missing; brand protection; divorce issues; partner cheating; pre and post matrimonial suspicion; trademark and copyright issues; asset verification; geopolitical analysis; cyber crime; undercover investigation; Data Analysis; abrupt bank account thefts; domestic robbery, etc. our Aark Detectives Pvt Ltd team of agents can handle almost every kind of case and thus you can rest your worries on the safest hands.

Besides the strength of expert detectives, we possess a very strong network of media channels, and journalists to endorse and assist our process of investigation. Their ability to exposure and gathering information is a great asset to our work and comprehensive analysis of the cases.

We have stretched our services to almost all the cities of India through branches located in each one of them. Thus it creates a centralized network all around the country which in turn gives an impetus to the investigation process by gathering as much data as possible. The cities where our detective branches are available include Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Bihar, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, etc.

Our investigation team of detectives not only takes a case as a line of code ordained by the authorities, but they do have the basic sense of responsibility which dictates what a man should do for another man in trouble. We know exactly what it feels like when all of the sudden your money is looted; when your family members live in constant depression due to threat calls; when your daughter moves out of the house with a sense of insecurity and comes late at night with fear and cry of desperation in her eyes and therefore we try our level best to do whatever we can in our ability to do away your problems in the least possible amount of time.

So your days of worries and nightmare are over and the dawn of justice is about to come as all you have to do is to reach out your hands and we will grab them to lift you up to solutions.

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