The Various Benefits of Application Tracking Software

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One of the most common problems that any recruiter report is over half of the job hunters not possessing the required skill set for a particular job. However, thanks to the advancement of technology, much of a headache can be easily tackled installing the right applicant tracking software (ATS). Through it, one can easily file, manage and share all information about any employee at the same place. It is understood that talent is the most valuable asset that any organization can ever have. The best ATS can easily tackle all the problems seamlessly. They can easily scan keywords, employment history, and college records to pull out viable candidates. All in all, they provide numerous benefits to any business or recruiting house. Some of them are:-


The best use of the software is in streamlining the entire recruitment process. The whole cycle of recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding new employees is both expensive and stressful even in the best of conditions. However, an ATs streamlines this entire process by pinpointing all talent gaps in any organization, forecasting the types of job roles, the company would require in future; make the posting of jobs easier and simple and finally sort and filter applications to wean out the best candidates. Much software can also help in scheduling interviews and make the entire process more efficient.


The ATS is terrific at tracking the performance of employees post their recruitment and hiring. It strategically monitors and appraises each and every employee which in turns makes the job of managers easy to appreciate their employees as well as point to their areas of improvement. It not only engages the talent but helps use the performance metrics to set goals; keep all employees motivated; arrange compensation boosts and bonuses for performances etc. Thus, overall, it helps in keeping the employees feel values, draw work satisfaction and even challenged at work. All these work cohesively in long term talent retention.

Employee Development

ATS is terrific to help develop the employees. It helps push the employees always to meet new performance goals and keep engaged. It also helps promote career growth, development, and education within the organization. Another major benefit of the system is that it helps identify an employee’s core competencies and skills whose development benefits both the company as well as the employee. It is brought about by the system helping in scheduling courses, certifications, conferences and other educational opportunities to help in their long-term career development.

Succession Planning

The ATS tool is heavenly in helping you plan for succession. At the time of hiring, it is not possible to understand the potential of any employee for management or leadership positions. But once the ATS software starts tracking the talent through the organization, it becomes easy to identify employees with leadership potential. You can then train them better for the future of the organization which is a must for its long-term growth, success, and sustainability.

HR Administration

HR departments are always faced with payroll problems, applications for leave and vacations; expenses and claims benefits to process and various other administrative tasks to perform. The ATS software not only helps manage the talent management process but also has embedded tools for tracking payroll; managing leaves, expenses, benefits, tracking overtime hours, scheduling as well as attendance for each individual employee in one place. It helps streamline the entire HR administrative process in a much faster and smoother way and leaving them with enough free time to focus on another long-term strategic planning.

Anywhere access

The software can be accessed from anywhere, no matter how man branches your office has in different cities. Additionally, you need not be present physically in the office to review any information. With the software, you can easily access the information at any time and any place from your laptop or your mobile device. Because of this on-the-go accessibility, you can easily make quick as well as an informed decision about hiring, promotions, succession, compensation increases, etc. without the need to be physically present in the office.


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