How to reset Windows 10 Password If forgot

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Hello guys, how are you doing? Today we have come up with a solution to one of the most asked questions in our blog about how to reset Windows 10 password if you forget. It is really an annoying and frustrating moment if you want to use your computer and all of a snap, you realize that you forgot the password of your own computer.

Well, no need to be embarrassed about. To be honest, everyone forgets their password once in a while and the same could happen to you as well. Fortunately, there are few ways to crack Windows 10 password if you forget and we going to demonstrate how to do that. You can also try some PC unlocker to bypass the Windows 10 password. You may try whatever works with you.

Steps to reset Windows 10 Password –

Every Windows 10 computers are connected with Microsoft account as it is the default account type. So, the chances are that the password you forgot is actually the same password as your Microsoft account. In that case, you just have to reset the Microsoft account password and here’s how to do that.

Tip: To make this method work, you must need the main Microsoft account Email or phone number to change the password. If you don’t have the Microsoft account credentials then you won’t be able to apply this method.

Step 1. Head on to using a mobile device or borrow a computer from your friend.

Step 2. Select “I forgot my password” and hit next.

Step 3. Now enter the email or phone number that you are using for your current Microsoft account and hit next.

Step 4. Choose how you will like to receive the security code and hit next.

Step 5. Enter the security code and click on “Next”.

Step 6. Input the new password and confirm the changes.

Tip: You may have to enter the security code in every page to confirm that you are not a robot. Simply type the words or digits you can see in the captcha box and it should be fine. If you are having trouble with any captcha code then you can refresh it to get a new challenge.

That’s it. The password is now successfully changed and you may now turn on your locked computer and enter the new password that you just set up two minutes ago.

This is how easy it is to reset the Windows 10 password. Remember, that the same trick can be used to crack Windows 8 and later version passwords as well. Also, when you change the password of your Microsoft account, do remember that all the passwords of your Microsoft services will be modified as well such as Xbox, Skype, Outlook and other services. So make sure to enter the new password in all these services to avoid any interruption.

Hopefully you guys found this useful and was able to reset your own Windows 10 Password.
Stay tuned for more!

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