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It is always essential that you have efficient antivirus protection in order to keep your PC secure from all the dangerous threats and viruses. The main purpose of antivirus software is basically to stop all the unwanted viruses, threats or programs from getting into your system that can cause harm to your important data. There are lots of companies and brands which promote their antivirus solution but of course you need to install the best antivirus solution on your computer which would make sure data integrity and smooth functioning of the operating system. Some huge companies will always have some vital and private data stored on their system and any damage or manipulation to their operations could spell big losses and also affect their future business goals. Nevertheless, today you can also get both firewall and antivirus together which would ensure greater data integrity.

Many companies now allow for free downloads of their antivirus solution on a trial basis. This occurs generally when the software has recently come onto the market and is a good marketing and publicity tactic. The main difference between a firewall and an antivirus is that a firewall software completely disallows the viruses and threats to enter your system while antivirus software’s eliminates the viruses and threats and repairs your computer. You can purchase these really expensive solutions which would be very effective. However, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend you should consider downloading totally free antivirus software’s.

Avast is the most efficient and powerful antivirus solution that can be downloaded for free. It is easy for users to interface with and has a good rating. It allows users a select their level of security based of the PC requirements. Once installed, the system can be restarted with no problems. Some other software’s which can be downloaded for free on a trial basis is Norton Internet Security which is also very popular because it is simple to use.


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