Tips For Hiring A Virtual Assistant

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These past few years have seen the healthcare industry changed drastically. Being at the forefront of technological advancement, the healthcare industry swiftly embraced the power of virtual staffing solutions. Remote assistants have helped many physicians function as physicians while maintaining sound operation of their private practice. It has provided job opportunities that are flexible and can be maintained around other commitments for many people. Remote assistants can take care of administrative staff such as transcriptions, bookkeeping, data entry, scheduling, and other personal and administrative tasks. Over time, virtual assistants have also developed skills that can contribute to marketing, social media, graphic design, and research. Of course, this will only work if you will be able to find the perfect virtual assistant for your practice. To help you find the perfect candidate when outsourcing physician executive assistant, here are some tips to help you with the process:

1. Stretch your budget. We all try to work within a budget. And one of the reasons why many people are considering a virtual assistant is because of its cost effectiveness. Consider spending more to hire a virtual assistant with more experience. Try to see it as an investment.

2. Communicate what you want. When hiring a virtual assistant it is important to let candidates know what you want and your expectations. You should also be clear about your budget, how long the contract will last, and the tasks you expect to be completed.

3. Test the water. Before agreeing to a long-term contract with a virtual assistant, assign a small job and see how the candidate will fare. Look into the discipline, scope of work, and timeliness of the VA candidate.

4. Availability of the VA. Most virtual assistant work for numerous clients at the same time. Make sure that the VA you will be hiring is available to go online during your clinic’s working hours or during the time when you need them the most. They should also be able to do multiple projects at the same time.

5. The quality of work and professionalism. This is one of the most crucial things to consider prior to hiring a VA. Look into the quality of the work delivered by the candidate and try to assess if it meets or exceeds your expectations.

6. Do a background check. A good VA is one who is highly recommended by other professionals. Try to check references and previous work.


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