Nokia Ovi Store Launched

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There was a time I remember it was Nokia everywhere but now iphone seems to be quite a significant threat to Nokia’s dominance. With the repertoire of features that iphone has to offer coupled with its apple istore, the market is increasingly being dominated by iphone. I can just sense that Nokia has launched its own brand new Ovi Store just to defend its dominance but I really doubt the consequences of this effort by nokia.

What I personally feel is that nokia did this online store project haphazardly. Their server just could not bear the first day load when all the nokia fans and the reviewers were fighting for a piece of nokia server so that they could get a glimpse of the store but couldn’t. Nokia is not known for its half finished product.

The store however has many applications and there are around 1236 apps. The store has both free and paid applications but as a matter of fact the ration of free applications is such that I can say you will have to pay for every application. The state of the store gets miserable and I really felt sorry when I tried to download an application but the application was available. Then why was the application listed there if it was not available.

Perhaps a better name for the store would have been Nokia Ovi Beta Store, so that the people know it’s still under progress. Frankly speaking the way of navigation was also not what I expected, it’s really tedious, I would certainly not like to spend rather waste my time in the store. I can just hope that Nokia improves on the fallbacks as soon as possible so that they could stop helping their competitors intentionally.

I have already written about the Nokia Ovi Store but that was like 2-3 months ago before the launch of the Store and I just wished that I have to take my words back but as a matter of fact whatever I wrote was exactly how it turned out.

You can read it hereNokia Announces Ovi Application Store

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